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Office Cleaning Crawley

3CCFS is a notable name in Crawley and surroundings as one of the most efficient cleaning service provider. We have more than 20 years of experience in Office Cleaning Crawley. Our clientele includes multinational organisations as well as small independent companies. Providing neat, tidy and clean office environment is our key initiative to an effective, modern organisation. We understand and strongly believe that cleanliness is of the optimal importance to any company’s brand persona and thus client perception. It also plays major role in improving health and wellbeing of the employees and therefore, directly influencing overall productivity by preventing absences from work.

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Commercial Cleaning

At 3CCFS we offer a range of Commercial We have and do work with a range of shops, showrooms, health & education establishments, construction companies, factories, landlords and housing associations across the South East of England. Not only do we offer general cleaning but we can also provide window cleaning, spring cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

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Here at 3CCFS we are well known for office cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients. We cover Surrey, Sussex and Kent. We have a team of highly trained and vetted office cleaners who are professional, polite and prompt. All of our cleaners are made aware of the necessity for good cleaning standards, including safe handling of materials and equipment, personal protection and awareness of our client’s own safety and smoking policies. We ensure all of our cleaners are trained and aware of all health and safety guidelines. We work closely with our clients to ensure the office cleaning service we offer you fulfils all your cleaning requirements at times that will cause minimal disruption to your business. For more information call Head Office

What is the key importance of commercial office cleaning?

Employees lose nine to ten working days every year on an average due to sickness. And some of them are attributed to a lack of office hygiene.

  • A typical keyboard used in an office may carry as much as 7500 bacteria at any point of time.
  • Disease causing viruses can linger on unclean places like work tables, desks and electronic equipment for as much as 24 hours.
  • More than 60% of the employee absences from sickness are the outcome of dirty equipment in the workplace. It causes spread of germs and bacteria.
  • With 65% office staffs sharing computers and phones, 25000+ germs per square inch may be found on such instruments at any given time.

Considering the above-mentioned facts and figures, it is highly needed that the employers take cleanliness on a serious note.

How do clean offices enhance productivity?

  • Less wastage of time – A lot of time gets wasted while looking for documents and files in a messy workplace. However, in a well-organised, clean office, any paperwork can be easily and quickly tracked down. And thus it is suggested to opt for professional Office Cleaning Crawley.
  • Enhanced focus – In a clean office ambience, the employees get less distracted by cluttered objects. And that certainly adds to greater level of concentration while leading to better and more work being completed in less time.
  • Minimum stress – A cluttered table, desk and overall office often results in making employees be focused on a number of things at once and that lowers their stress threshold.
  • More profitability – Instead of wasting precious and productive time looking for paperwork, staffs in tidy and clean offices get their work done in less time while helping the company enjoy more profitability in long term. According to many important studies, untidy office places may lose more than a million pound a year owing to lost productivity as an outcome of losing time to search for documents and files.
  • Less absenteeism – As already mentioned, unclean office ambience often results in staffs falling ill and thus applying for more and more sick leaves. Clean offices surely cut down on absenteeism.
  • Improved employee confidence – Staffs in clean and tidy working places are very likely to be happier than those in an untidy office. And if the employees are happy, they will definitely do more work with greater confidence.

Choose 3CCFS for your entire Office Cleaning Crawley jobs. Our office cleaning services include spot cleaning like tea spills, cleaning of external fascia, car parking cleaning, cleaning of kitchens, toilets, staff rooms and cafeterias. The services also include vacuuming carpets and AC vents cleaning.

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