Keeping Carpets Protected In High Traffic Areas Is Now Easier

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Everyone will agree with the fact that keeping the carpets in high traffic areas protected and clean is indeed a daunting task. A clean carpet can become dirty within the shortest span of time if you have kids and pets at home. Not only do they attract more dust but also gets more stains.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that the carpets in high traffic areas like the bedroom of your kids or the living room are looking fresh and clean. Even if you can’t keep it protected from the dirt and dust carried by shoes, pet’s hair and food stains, the easiest way to keep it clean are with carpet cleaning services.

Few More Tips To Keep The Carpets In High Traffic Areas Protected

  • Vacuum On A Regular Basis

The primary advantage of vacuuming high-traffic areas is that it helps in getting rid of the loose dust. The areas are not only used by your family members but even the guests. This is why they become dirty very easily and quickly. Shoes and socks are responsible for carrying dust and debris into the carpets from outside your house. Unless you vacuum the areas atleast thrice every week, the dust will keep on accumulating. It is always advisable to use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters if you want to remove fine dust and debris efficiently.

  • Use A Doormat

Since preventing guests with dirty shoes and socks from coming into your house is simply beyond your control, you can prevent the debris from coming in by using a doormat. Request your family members and guests to wipe their feet in the doormat before they enter your house. If you want to control the amount of dust entering your house using the doormats, don’t forget to clean it regularly.

  • Keep Shoes Off

Once you have got rid of the dust and dirt from high-traffic areas using carpet cleaning in Dorking, it is your responsibility to keep its cleanliness intact. Make a shoes-off policy and ask the people entering your house to keep their shoes off. This will help a great deal in keeping your carpet protected and it will stay clean for a longer period of time. The durability of your carpets will also increase as the shoes won’t damage their fibers.

  • Stain Removal And Spot-Cleaning

The living room is one of the places in your house where you serve tea, coffee and wine to your guests. If you serve food to your kids in their room, you will agree with the fact that keeping the carpet free from food particles is next to impossible. Removing the stains caused due to tea, coffee, wine and food will become easier if you can hire the right carpet cleaners offering stain removal and spot cleaning services. Not only will they clean and remove the stains but also share a few tips to prevent them from recurring.

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These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and keeping the carpets protected in high-traffic areas will become easier.

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