Few Facts About Carpet Cleaning In Dorking You Will Love Reading

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Not everyone installing carpets in their house is aware of the fact that they act as filters and hold dust, dirt and other allergens like insect faeces, dead skin cells and invisible crawly bacteria. This is why getting them cleaned at fixed intervals is a must. Though you can try a DIY for regular cleaning, a professional deep care treatment is necessary atleast once every year.

There are numerous companies scattered all over Dorking offering the service at a price which suits our budget. But before you approach one, there are a few unique facts about the service which you help you maintain the condition of your existing floor covering.

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Opting For Carpet Cleaning In Dorking? First Check 4 Fun Facts

  • Use Cleaning Solutions With pH Factor

If you are not sure which type of carpet solution will work the best for your carpet fibers, just get in touch with experienced professionals offering carpet cleaning in Leatherhead. They assess the carpet fiber type and suggest a suitable solution which is pH tolerant. The quality of the fibers can deteriorate if the solution you are using is too alkali or acidic.

  • Less Detergent Can Also Work

If you think that using more liquid detergent means that cleaning will be better, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Using more cleaning solution means the floor covering will start attracting more dust and the particles will cling to the carpet. Professional cleaners using foam or powered detergent solution ensure that it has been vacuumed out as it helps in keeping the carpets healthy and safe.

  • Pre-Treat Is Necessary

Even if you are in a hurry to get the carpet in your house cleaned, ignoring the pre-treatment is a strict no-no! It helps in preparing the carpet to lose the dust and other contaminants before carpet cleaning in Dorking. We walk on the floor throughout the day which means that microscopic particles, bacteria, stains and invisible grime keeps on accumulating on it. You need to pre-treat the entire carpet and not just a small area which has stained.

  • Apply Stain Protectant

Ask your carpet cleaner to apply stain protectant atleast once every year as the stain resistant characteristics of modern carpet fibers wear down with the passage of time. Applying protectant after cleaning the carpet gives the assurance that your floor covering will be protected and healthy. Professionals perform a patch test first to ensure that the stain-protect they are using won’t affect the colour of your floor covering.

Since you are now aware of a few facts about carpet cleaning, it’s time you start looking for the right company offering the service and reap all the benefits offered by clean carpets.

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